what are keywords in blog? How To Select Best Keywords for SEO

what are keywords in blog?

If you're Blogger or if you want to be a become a successful blogger, then you know about what are keywords or you've heard about this keywords. Keywords is the most important for blog or website, but the problem is how to select best keywords for SEO.

what are keywords in blog? How To Select Best Keywords for SEO

what are keywords in blog? How To Select Best Keywords for SEO

You must use best best SEO keywords everywhere in one article.

If you are new in Blogging, you may not know about keywords. If you dont know what are keywords? And how to select best keywords for Seo? okay okay wait for it guys, I will solve all your problem in this article. Today I'm going to tell you about keywords.

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What are keywords in blog?

The keywords ideas and topic that defines what your content is about. We use keywords to tell the search engine that your blog or website is focused on which topic. The search engine observes that the particular word we describe in article, how often that word used in one article.

For example :- If you use "what are keywords" multiple times in one article then, the search engine thinks that your article is about "what are keyword". If any visitor searches on google "what are keywords" then your article will be shown on Google's top page, but its depends on the number of people using this keyword and depends on your article is unique or copied.

Types of keywords

The meaning of the keyword is that we use to write an article
For example:- your title is "how to select best keywords for Seo"

And that word which you want to rank on google search engine
For example:- "Best keywords for Seo"

One keyword is not enough to write an article but best keywords for seo is most important to write an article

You can use Google Keyword Planner to search for the top and best seo keywords, and it's completely free service provided by Google.

Keywords are two types:-

1. Short Keywords
2.Long-Tail Keywords

1. Short tail Keywords

Short tail keywords are very competitive on Google, it is almost impossible for everyone to rank on google by using short-tail keywords.

For example, "earn money" this is short-tail keyword.
And many people use these keywords for their blogs, and its very competitive and nearly impossible  to rank on top page of google.

2. Long tail Keywords

Long tail keywords is one of the best keywords for seo.
Long tail keywords are generally just keywords but with more words so if there is anything with three or more words is generally considered a long tail keywords.

For example:- "How to select best keywords for Seo", "what are keywords in blog"

These keywords are the long tail keywords.
I recommend to use that type of long tail keyword for your blog. Because long-tail keywords has less competition than short tail keywords.

How To Select Best Keywords for Seo

If you rank for the short tail keywords then you will get 5,000 searches or 10,000 searches for your blog. That's amazing but the reality is the short tail keywords only takes up about 30% or 35% of search tarffic while long-tail keywords takes up about 70% of search traffic. 

Even though these long tail keywords you don't get up to 5,000 searches the reason is that long-tail keywords actually has less competition than short tail keywords

What are keywords for SEO? which keyword is best keywords for SEO?

if you want to rank on google by long-tail keywords, then its really totally easy to rank for long tail keywords. 

if your article is really good and you optimize your website with the right long-tail keywords in your title as well as in your content then its very easy to rank on google by using long tail keywords. 

You can find your keywords in Google Keyword planner, go to the google keyword planner and search your keywords.
You can also use other free keyword tool
And paid keywords tool.

Select always low competition keywords because its help you to rank your article much faster.

How to use google kwyword planner

Long-tail keywords is the one of the best keywords for seo so i recommend you to use long-term keywords in your blog or website to rank faster on google.

Important of best keywords for SEO

We already know that what are keywords. Now we will learn about the importance of the best keywords for SEO. Have you ever questioned to yourself why the best keywords for SEO is important to rank on google?

Always use best keywords for seo and you will get huge amount of traffic in your blog. If you use best keywords for seo, then you have a chance to rank faster in search engine. 

So keywords are the most important thing for SEO. So first you should learn about best keywords for SEO.

Have you ever notice that your some of article getting high traffic ? why these happen only in some article?

Because you used some keywords which is highly searched by users, that's why your some article getting huge amount of traffic.

If you don't understand then you should try practically on your blog. 
Write a two article,  one article with less competition but with high searches keywords and second with no keywords.

And you will understand why the keywords are important and important of best keywords for seo.


we know about keywords and how to select best keywords for seo in this article.

For ranking long tail keywords are better than short tail keywords for seo, if you have any doubt then comment below

If you want to know more about SEO then read Best advanced seo tips for blogs and website  article.


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