Google Adsense New Update for Blogger and Website Publishers

Google adsense new update

Google adsense update their ad displaying privacy policy on October 29th 2018, for blogger and web publishers.

Before october 28th, if you have a fully approved adsense account then you are allowed to place your adsense ad code to other website and blog to show ads and earn revenue.

Google adsense new update

Google adsense new update

However, after the Updated Adsense Privacy Policy, if you have a fully approved Google AdSense account for any particular blog or website, only allows you to apply advertisements to such website only if you have more than one website or you wish to show adsense ads on other website then you don’t need to open any other new adsense account. To connect new site to adsense go to > sites > and click on add site > put your new site url in there and click on> done

Your website or blog will be reviewed within 48 hours but Sometimes reviews can take up to 14 days.

Once you submit your new websites or blogs for approval you should follow the adsense rules.

  • You need to verify the ownership of that new blog or website. For this process you will be provided three different options and you can choose any one and verify the ownership. verification options are; 

  1. Download and upload any given web page to your root folder of website
  2. Add the given short code to the template of your webpage.
  3. If you are using Godaddy Registration account , you will be asked to open oath and login with your google account & grant the asked permissions.

Before 28th october, if you have a fully adsense account then you allowed to show ads. but now you should need to submit your new url to adsense for approval request.

Many users confused with new adsense policy and their main question is why new url need to submit on adsense?

Because people started  miss using it and started implementing those approved ads codes to Sammy Event blogging websites and Embedding those ads codes with third party services like Whatsapp Viral Scripts temporally for generating massive income.

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