How to increase blog traffic for free | get more traffic

increase blog traffic for free

Today I'm going to tell you how to increase blog traffic for free? and how to get more traffic to your blog?

Many newbie blogger quit there blogging career because of low website traffic. Before entering into blogging, you need to know how to write a blog post and how to get more traffic and how to increase blog traffic for free on your blog to establish your blogging career.

Not only new some old blogger also quit there blogging career because of low blog traffic. I will provide you some tips to get more traffic to your blog and website.

increase blog traffic for free

Increase blog traffic for free get more traffic

So always try to increase blog traffic for free and organic traffic to establish in blogging.

Why your website traffic getting low? Get more traffic to your website

Because they don't follow the tips of blogging. Before you start blogging, you must know about blogs or blogging. Some people start blogging without any knowledge of blog or SEO. And that's the main part of failure. That's why your blog traffic getting low.

To be a successful blogger, you should know about SEO or blog and keywords research.
If you do well SEO then automatically you will get more traffic to your blog

If you do well SEO and you select best keywords but if your content is copied then also you don't have a chance to rank on google or search engine. And this is also main fact why your aren't get more traffic to your blog.

To rank on search engine your article must be unique and minimum of 500+ words. If you rank on google search engine then automatically you will get more traffic to your blog.

How to increase blog traffic for free? Get more traffic

Now let's talk about how to get more traffic. Do you want to increase your blog traffic for free?

create your own network to increase blog traffic for free and you need to share your blog article in that network.

Here I am going to share you several ways to get more traffic and increase blog traffic for free.

1. Share your blog in social network

If you've actually got to find your target audience on social media then absolutely you will get more traffic.

This is the one and only best way to increase blog traffic for free to new blogger. Share your blog in social network like facebooktwitter, google+, instagram, pinterest etc. Join other social network group and share your blog link in that group.

2. Blog comment

Go to the other blogs related to your blog and comment under the article. If people click on your name then they automatically enter your blog.

You need to leave one meaningful comment don't leave a spam or meaningless comment. When you commenting on other blogs you need to make sure you fill out the website section.

But if there is no website section then you can put your url name like this -

<a href=""> MineTechTips </a>

Note- remove minetechtips and put your site name 

What that does when people click on your name they automatically go straight to your blog or article. It's help you to increase blog traffic for free and it will also come up with backlink. Sometimes most of the time they are nofollow backlink but sometimes them are dofollow backlinks.

3. Blog content

Blog content is also one of the most important things to increase blog traffic. Don't do other article copy, your article must be unique and minimum of 500+ words.

If you have good or unique content then you have a chance to rank on google and its help you to increase blog traffic for free.

4. Keywords Research

Keywords is also main factor of increase blog traffic. Before upload your article you need to find one best keywords and use that keywords in title tag, description, permalink and article.

You can research your best keyword by using google keywords planner.

To know more about keywords click here

5. Guest post

If you write a guest post then you will get backlink to your blog and its help you to grow up in search engine.

If you write guest blog for a high authority website then you're getting a hyperlink to your website and that's always a good things. Before submit your guest blog make sure you giving a your page or article link in that guest post.

 To know more about guest post click here

6. Blog Design

Your blog design is one of the most important things to increase traffic. So your blog design must be attractive.

If your blog design is simple but attractive then visitor loves to read your article, if design is poor then they close your blog.

So always try to design your blog simple but attractive.


In this article we learned about blog traffic and how to increase blog traffic for free and get more traffic to your blog.

Stay with us for letest technology news, blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, how to get more traffic and how to increase blog traffic for free.

If you want to know more about SEO then read Best advanced seo tips for blogs and website  article.


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