10+ digital marketing strategies 2020 You Should Know

What are digital marketing strategies 2020? - Hello guys, today i am going to teach you something about digital marketing Strategies. 

Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Web Analytics, Mobile friendly, Responsive, Qualitative and quantitative content, Email Marketing, content marketing, video marketing are the primary tools and techniques for Digital marketing.

If you don't follow the given skills and platforms, you will never be able to rank your business on google search.

Before jump into digital marketing strategies, you must know the definition of digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategies

So, what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Definition:

in shortcut if you promote your business through social media, email, blog is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing is just marketing using digital tools and marketing is nothing more than communicating value to your customers digital marketing is there for communicating value to yours customers by using digital tools.

If you promote your business through radio, television, newspaper, it is not a digital marketing, it is called traditional marketing.

But if you promote your business through search engine marketing like social media, content marketing like blogging or video creation, email marketing and online pay-per-click advertise it's called digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy (Skills)

Digital marketing strategies are the most important to grow your digital marketing business.

Digital Marketing Strategy (Skills) Some strategies will work better than others, depending on several variables.
Which ones are the most essential for you, let see?

Today I'm going to share ten digital marketing strategies for you. Before starting these strategies, you need to make sure that you are adopting today's mindset of the consumer.

You have to give proper information about the product because people are looking for information before they buy it.

When you help people solve problems through free and valuable content that is relevant to your business, you get a lot of traffic and build trust.

You need to create content with full of information to show people how your product and services can help them and solve their problems and fulfill their desires and needs.

Now let's jump into the digital marketing strategies. One to ten, all are the best strategies for your digital marketing business.

  • Define Your Business

First, you need to describe your products and services. Which will you offer your customers through digital marketing.

Your brand identity for digital marketing:
After that, Your next job is to identify your brand. In other words, give your brand and identity. It is just like a human identity.

  • Understanding the marketing fundamentals

Understanding marketing fundamentals means understanding the customer. You need to know how consumer thinks and buy a product.

Determine whether your business is reaching out to custom buyer personas. Think about user demographics, as well as the motivations that motivate people to choose your company, products, and services.

You need to understand every detail about your buyer personas just like their age, location and everything.

Age: Age is depending on your business, this may or may not be relevant. You have to identify what types of age people buy your product.

Location: You can use Google Analytics tools to identify what location your website traffic is coming.

  • Identify your goals

If you want to be a succeed in digital marketing, then you have to do identify your goal.

 It means if you are new in the digital marketing field, then your goal is to earn some money from digital marketing, but if you start making money from digital marketing, then your goal is to double your earning.

If your business goal is to increase online revenue by 15%, as a marketer your goal can be to generate more than 30% of leads through the website that you did last year to contribute to that success.

  • Choose your digital marketing methods

Choose your methods from where you want to promote your product, it may be paid or free. Best free SEO tools for blogging

free methods:  there are many types of free method technics they are content marketing (Blogging), Youtube and many more. 

Paid Methods: For paid promotion, You need to spend money on to catch the attention of your buyer personas. 

But where to spend money? 

for the paid promotion you can use Google AdWords, paid social media posts(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), Native advertising (Sponsored posts on other websites), and any other methods that you pay instead for live visibility.

  • Set your budget

Set your budget for digital marketing, for example, if you want to invest 100$ at first then spend only 100$ and wait for a good result, but for a good result, you have to work hard.

  • Understand search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization ' is the process of getting traffic for free, organic, editorial or natural search results on the search engine for our websites.

SEO is simply quality control for our website. Without quality content, you can not rank your website in many years. Search Engine May target different kinds of search, including local search, image search, news or text search, video search, etc.

Employing sound of "search engine optimization strategies" will help to position your website properly to be found whenever people need your site, your site must be on the top in search. 

There are two types of SEO 

  1. on-page SEO: References factors that you can control on your own website like a keyword, title, heading, external link building etc.
  2. off-page SEO: References factors that control from outside of your own website to influence your ranking within search engine results.

  • Launch your campaigns

Before launching your campaign, ask these question to yourself at this stage are where do my customers spend their time, online and offline? What social media networks do they use? How do they prefer to engage with online content? And what kind of content do they prefer?

After following your planning, launch your campaigns across channels. 

Where you're going to be running the Digital Marketing campaign?

For example, if you determined your market is on Facebook and Facebook Ads are going to be the best way to reach them there. Well, you must know how to run Facebook ads or finding someone that knows. If you've determined that your audience is on YouTube, then the best way to reach them is a YouTube content strategy. You must do researching, what's the best way to run a YouTube content strategy? Or should you be running YouTube ads?

In most cases, some right questions to ask yourself at this stage are how are we going to do this? Should we do it ourselves or find someone to help? What do we need to know, have, or do to make this work? 

  • Track user activities

After launching a campaign, your next work is tracking your user activities. Use tools like Google AnalyticsGoogle Search Console, and Google Ads to track user activities.

Digital Marketing Strategies (Methods)

Digital Marketing Strategies (Methods)

You can use SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC advertising to promote your digital marketing product.

Where do you start these strategies and how do you use these to get more traffic to your website?

If you're a beginner to digital marketing then here i'm going to share some famous strategies with you. Lets start

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization ' is the process of getting traffic for free, organic, editorial or natural search results on the search engine for our websites.

If you're new to SEO, I highly recommend read our SEO for beginners post, which will give you an excellent overview of what SEO is, how it works, and how you can get it to work for you.

I'll also link up some additional resources on doing keyword research that grows traffic and revenue, as well as a read another blog on how to write a blog post with SEO

If you use "what are keywords" multiple times in one article then, the search engine thinks that your article is about "what are keyword". 

If any visitor searches on google "what are keywords" then your article will be shown on Google's top page, but its depends on the number of people using this keyword and depends on your article is unique or copied.

2. Content Marketing (Blogging)

Content is an information and experience share and publishes in the blog. So you have to write on what you've experienced.

Before start blogging, you must know about SEO and how to write a blog postContent marketing is an effective tactic to fulfil customers requirements, to get more organic traffic, to make money online via Google Adsense and other alternative methods.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

  1. Customer retention loyalty
  2. Increase Engagement
  3. To increase brand awareness
  4. To increase Sales
  5. Cross-selling and up-selling
  6.  Lead generations

3. Video Marketing (Youtube)

The second strategy is video marketing, which is to invest in video content, specifically on YouTube. YouTube is the second most visited search engine on today's internet.
Recent stats reveal that YouTube has over 1.5 billion monthly active users watching over an hour of content per day. Because of this huge traffic, your target audience and potential customers are definitely paying attention and active on YouTube.

When people go to YouTube, they're looking to find answers to their questions. You can create videos and solve visitor problems and grow your subscriber and as well as make money through Adsense, sponsored and your digital marketing products.

Maximum of online marketer are using video marketing strategy to promote their product. 

4. Social Media Marketing

Select any one popular media and start your digital marketing in that social media. Do you know the list of popular social media site?

If you are new in social media marketing, then It takes time to build a business.

If you are new in social media marketing, then It takes time to build a business, but the numbers aren't everything. You have to be patient; your time will come.

When you dip your toes into every possible social media network out there, your attention gets divided, and the results get diluted.

Before choosing a social media, You need to think about why someone is logging into the specific social media network.

Before choosing a social media, You need to think about why someone is logging into the specific social media network.

So if you are choosing Facebook, then probably you are going to promote your blog to increase traffic and brand value.

Pinterest is primarily a social search engine where people can control what they want to search. If you are a travel or food blogger, then Pinterest gives you a good result.

In social media marketing, We can target any geographical area or countries to promote our content. If you want to start social media marketing then you should follow social media strategy,

here are some of the most essential and basic steps to get started with social media.

  1. choose your social media networks
  2. Create your profiles entirely with proper details
  3. Pick your posting strategy such as what type of content you want to promote
  4. Analyze and test all the possibilities
  5. Automate and engage with visitors requirements

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way for digital marketing. But for email marketing, you need email ids. from where you can get email ids?

You need blog traffic to get email subscribers. It also requires opt-in forms to turn a visitor into a subscriber.

If you want to do email marketing, then start focus on building your email list. You can use HelloBar for collecting email.

6. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC (pay-per-click) is also the best way to do digital marketing. PPC ads (like Google Adwords, Facebook ads and Bing ads, etc.)

PPC mean you have to pay some money to show your link at the top of the page.
For example, if you pay google to show your page on top of Google in a particular keyword, then when someone searches on google for that keyword, your link will display at the top of the page.

In other methods, you can't make money within an hour, but in PPC ads, you can start making money within an hour.

7. Re-Marketing Strategy

When someone first comes to your website, 95% of people are probably not going to buy. On the high-end, you're lucky if 5% out of a hundred people come to your site buy. Realistically, out of 100%, only 1% to 3% of visitors are going to buy your product.

There are a few ad companies that do retarget, and the main ones are Facebook Ads, and the second one is Google Ad Words.

Actually re-marketing is target those people who didn't buy your product at first visit.

When you set re-marketing ads, then everywhere they visit a website, they see your advertisement for your product, and they convert as a customer.

What remarketing doing is remarketing following them around and showing them your product or service and trying to get them back to your website to buy.

For creating Google Re-Marketing Ad

  1. login google ads account
  2. click on tools (which is top of right corner)
  3. shared library > audience manager
  4. and click on + button and create your remarketing ad

Note: if you want to target website visitor then click on website visitors and so on

Which digital marketing strategy do you like most?

Digital marketing is all about planning, implementation and profit. So before start digital marketing, you must do the above plan, find your best platform to do digital marketing, address the customer's actual needs, and understand what makes them a real customer and then start.

5 Best ways to promote CPA offers

One digital marketer job is to "follow" the customer, find every detail of the customer, and make a profit.

If you like this, then please don't forget to share it with your friends. Incase if your confusion is not clear about digital marketing strategies then comment below

We already discussed digital marketing strategies now your turn to tell me which digital marketing strategy do you like most? Please comment below. 


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