Oneplus 6 review and price detail

oneplus 6 review

Hello guys, Hope you all are fine. Today I'm going to review about Oneplus 6 phone. Today I will tell you everything about Oneplus 6 phone features, oneplus 6 specification, oneplus 6 photos/camera quality and all the things what you want to know about Oneplus 6 phone. So now let's start.

Oneplus 6 review

OnePlus 6:

oneplus 6 price it start at $479. In $479 you get a 6.3 inch edge to edge screen, a snapdragon E46 processor, fast charging, 6 gigabytes of Ram and 64gigs of storage, android 8.1 version with some thoughtful, not a annoying additions, and dual camera system.

 That's capable of all the latest portaint effects and slow motion video trends. You can also spend more to upgrade the RAM and storage but you'll still be spending substantially less than you would on say, a pixel2 XL. Now the most noticeable change from older oneplus phones is switch to a design with glass on the front and the back. which makes the oneplus 6 look like basically every other phone to come out this year.

OnePlus 6 Price:
                                 Starts at $479 

OnePlus 6 Display:                               
  • 6.28-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1080×2280 resolution
  • 6.28 inches Screen
  • Full HD, Full Optic AMOLED panel with 19:9 aspect ratio
  • Screen Notch, headphone jacks, water-resistant, glass rear
  • Dual cameras and fingerprint scanners  
OnePlus 6 display is one of the biggest new features on the phone. In fact, this is the biggest exposure that the firm phone is ever blue, with an 6.28 inch full optical AMOLED panel, provides 5.1 inches inches inches.

While the display can be large, the resolutionbstays the same at ‘just’ in full HD in one place. Be accurate for that 2280 x 1080, which keeps the last OnePlus flagships up to 402 pixels-per-inch density.

  • 20MP front camera
  • the rear-facers are 20MP and 16MP.
  • 3300mAh


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