Reason why your android and windows computer is slow, hang

Android and windows computer is slow, hang

In this world not only Android phone and windows computer slow human being also slow in their old age and this will happen in all the things.
Android and windows computer is slow, hang

Similarly computer and Android phone also run with this problem.

But if you don't care your computer and phone then your computer will run slow down in their young age. If your computer is new, but also it still works slowly, then this article is for you.

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Reason why your android and windows computer is slow, hang;

  • Because of unnecessary software
Unnecessary software will slow down the android and windows computer. Every application is open in the system, and it takes some internal and hardware resources to keep it running. If multiple applications and programs are running, then your PC can run slow because resources that use a lot of memory.

So don't install unnecessary software on your computer. Third party software mean don't download any software, that you don't need in your computer.

if you like any one software then you can download it but if you like 10 software at once then don't download all the software in your computer, if you download all the software then its takes your computer storage space and your computer will run slow and its fact.

My suggestion - if any software which is not necessary for you then uninstall it now.

  • Restart your computer
If you cann't restart your computer then also your computer will run slowly. 
I recommend you turn off your laptop / computer after your work is complete. Why the biggest companies computer run slowly? Everyone wants to know the answer of that question. And the answer is they never turn off their computer and never restart their computer so biggest companies computer will always run slowly.

  • Never Delete system file (C Drive)

 Never delete your system file which is located in C drive. I've seen many people who delete system files to increase storage space. All the windows system located in C drive so if you delete any file from C drive then your computer will run slowly.


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