How To Control Pc From Android Mobile

Today I would like to tell you how to control pc from android phone. This way is one of the easiest way.

Google's free Chrome Remote Desktop service makes it easy to use any computer or mobile device on any computer-Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook. You can access the contents of all remote systems. Steps of Pc remote control are given below:

How To Control Pc From Android Mobile

1.Install Chrome browser
 to do this you need a chrome browser  if you don't have chrome browser then install it first.

2. Install Chrome remote desktop
Go to the Chrome Remote Desktop app
In the Chrome Web store, click the Add to Chrome button, click "Add app,"  
And then click on the Chrome screen desktop icon  (through other application icons)  to lunch it on your screen.

3.Prepare Chrome Remote Desktop for a remote connection

The application has been opened and your connection type is selected, now you are almost all set for your remote access session. Now If you want your system to share for someone else's remote support, you'll see a 12-digit code on the screen. If you choose to configure your computer for remote access, you will have the opportunity to create a custom PIN.

Prepare Chrome Remote Desktop for a remote connection

after generate pin you need to download Chrome Remote Desktop 
mobile app on an Android or iOS device.
now open the remote desktop app and enter your pin which you generated in pc and enjoy

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