Best Advanced SEO Tips for blogs and websites 2019

Best Advanced SEO Tips

Hello guys, today I'm going to tell you about Best Advanced SEO Tips and tricks. SEO is the most important for blogs and websites. Here are the advanced seo tips and latest seo tips for your blogs:-

Best Advanced SEO Tips And tricks

Where to submit your websites and blog?

If you wanna see your site on google then you must do seo you should follow all the best / advanced seo tips and SEO strategies

Meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. If you wanna see your site in google then you need to go this page webmaster tool and login from your gmail and add a site on webmaster and verify your site, after that you will able to see your site in google. And same process for bing to you need to visit bing webmaster and add your site and verify it.

You also wanna rank your website on top of google ? then this article is for you but you should do work hard for that.

Many people dream about starting a website that just goes viral somehow, but it almost has the same chance as winning the lottery.
Many people just start writing a blog with zero knowledge of how to write a blog post 

Do you sometimes try to search "how to viral my blog in 1 week" on Google? I know many new bloggers search it but I honestly say that it's impossible for the new Blogger. Don't waste your time for that type of nonsense search, waste your time for hard work and write an article.

Here are the some best and advanced latest seo tips for your blog and website which may help you.

What is the best SEO strategies for SEO? Latest advanced SEO tips:-

The search engine is one of the most smartest sources in the present time.
If you want to rank your website or blog, you should just follow the SEO strategies and advanced SEO tips.

We have created a list that focuses on the most effective ways that still work and will gain your blog or website visibility in the ocean of blogs and websites.

Seo tips

In this picture you can see what is the SEO strategies and how SEO works.

how to optimize blog posts for seo

1. blog- you should have one blog or website

And design also main part of seo, your blog design should have simple and good

Strategy, content, keyword marketing this all are main part of seo.

So always follow them for rank your blog on google. If you follow all the strategy then absolutely your site will rank on google.

the best advanced seo tips for your blog and website are given below:

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SEO strategies are given below:-

  • Buy a top level domain
You need to buy one top level domain for rank your site and article faster in google. And this is the one of the best advanced seo tips for blogger. Top level domain mean .com .org and many more. If you're using blogger then top level domain is not much more needed. But if you're using wordpress then you must need to buy top level domain. Top level domain is also needed for adsense. Google provides more priority to top level domains above a subdomain So go ahead and buy a domain name.

  • Use keyword in domain
Keywords is also main factor of seo. seo keyword in the domain name for example if your website is related to the tech and teach then include the term tech and teach in your Domain name. This will give your page more importance to google for Tech and teach keyword. And also use keyword in sub domain.

  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS Safe)
Google checks any website that is safe or not. If this is not safe, its Google ranking decreases gradually. If the HTTPS of green color will appear in the address bar of your browser then your site is secure and if not, only the HTTP will appear.

  • Responsive Design
Responsive Design is also one of the main factor to rank site in google. If your site is designed perfectly then you have a chance to rank your site in google. You need to upload one free seo friendly and mobile friendly template in your site. You can download template by searching in google

  • Quality Content
quality content is also main part of ranking. your content must be Unique and minimum of 500+ words. If you do the best advanced SEO, but not write quality content, then you have no chance to rank on Google

  • Social Sharing
Social Sharing now have many impacts on search ranking so you should share your articles on social media sites and social sharing buttons so that people can share your articles.

  • Backlinks
And the last one is backlinks. so you need to create quality backlinks. i you create backlinks on top website then you have chance to rank in google but if you create backlinks on low ranking website then you don't have a chance to rank so you must need to create quality backlinks for your website

  • Use links
There are two types of links, external and internal that can add a lot to your site's value.

Internal links are pointing to your own content. it's keep visitors on your site and decrease your bounce rate. Google will register that people spend more time on your site and will give you a better place in search results.

External links point to other sites link. Linking to famous sites may increase the value of your own blog.

  • Speed up your site
Google has indicated site speed and as a result, page speed. If your site/ page speed is slow then search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget, and this could negatively affect your indexation.

Page speed is also important to user experience. Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. if you have a lot of bounce rates then also your site can't rank on google.

Here are the some tips to improve your site speed. Maybe it's would be a best advanced SEO tips for you.

1. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
2. Remove render-blocking JavaScript
3. Optimize images
Click Here for more information about page/site speed 
  • Optimize for mobile devices
Make sure your site looks good or at least acceptable at every different resolutions. You may just lose visitors if your site looks crappy on a mobile screen.
  • Publish viral content
if your article is on trending topics or if your post is (or looks) high quality, informative or funny then they may be willing to share it. And every share is free traffic for you. So make sure that your content is unique, interesting and trending topic in some way and let people do the job for you.

if your post gone a viral then more visitors comes to your and absolutely your site will rank on google (search engine).


In this article we learned about Best Advanced SEO Tips for blogs and websites 2019. If you like it then please don't forget to share with your friends.
Advanced SEO tips

Stay with us for letest technology news, blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO strategies and latest SEO tips and tricks.



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