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Top 20 best Free Blogging Tools for bloggers

Hey, are you searching for free blogging tools? Then don't worry, I'm here to provide all the best free SEO tools for you to grow your blog.

Are you new in the blogging field? Are you searching for the best SEO analyser and related blogging tools?
if yes then don't worry, I'm here for you I will provide top best free blogging tools and free best SEO tools for you to grow your blog.

Blogging is not all about writing a blog post and hit publish.
Blogging is much more than writing.

 If you want to be a professional blogger, then you have to do SEO.
If you know everything about SEO then that's cool you can do a blog without some tools but to analyse competitor you must use tools.

Only tools won't solve your problem, but yes it shows what fault you are doing while writing a blog post and help you to grow a blog and also help visitors to read easily.

The free SEO audit tools are as below, hope you like it.

Free Blogging tools for bloggers | Best free SEO tools

Free SEO audit tools for bloggers

In this article, I'm going to share excellent tools that help you to grow up to the next level.

You can start using it today, and you will see the results in a month. These tools help to stablish as a professional blogger.

Content Idea Generator Tools

Content is also the central part of SEO. What happens if you start a blog, but you can't find a topic to write a blog post. If that happens, you cant publish an article in time to time.

If you have a good writing skill or maybe you are a good writer, but what happens if you don't have a topic to write content?

 The simple answer you will quit blogging. So it doesn't matter how good you are at writing.  

So here, I mention some content idea generator tools that help you to find a content idea to publish articles in time to time.

content idea generator tools are given below:

1. Answer the Public

Answer the public Content Idea Generator Tool

Answer the public help you to find a content idea and keyword research.

Answer the public is my favourite tools to find a content idea; you can also use this free tool to find the best content idea and keywords.

Go to the answer the public site and type your niche and hit enter after that you can see 400+ keywords.

Pick up any one keyword from there and start writing a blog.

This tool is fantastic, right?

buzzsumo Content Idea Generator Tool

Buzzsumo is one of the best tools for a content idea generator.

Go to the buzz sumo website and enter your topic and click on the Go button.

After a click on the go button, you can find the most shared and engaging item. From this site, you can analyze your competitor too.

Buzz sumo provides you a list of a post which post gets most shared on social media. From that, you can know the potential of your topic.

And yes everyone can use these tools, and it's free of cost but for backlink analyze you have to pay for that.

buzzsumo Content Idea Generator Tool

You can see above picture to know better knowledge about how this site work.

3. Quora

Quora is one of the best and popular forum site where people ask questions for the best solution.

You can find the unlimited content idea on quora.

Go to the quora forum page and search your keyword in a search box, and you will get unlimited keywords and content ideas for your blog post.

I don't need to explain about quora cause it a popular forum site I know every blogger and google user have much more idea about Quora.

4. Google Trends

Google Trends is the best platform to find a content idea. 

Google trends display a list of hot trending topic with categorizing.

Go to google trend and select your category if your niche is about technology then choose technology, and you will get trending topic of technology.

Pick any topic that you want to write. If you write in a trending topic, your blog has a chance to rank on google.

Note: Use a keyword planner tool to get keyword competition and keyword search number.

5. UberSuggest

UberSuggest Content Idea Generator Tool

How can I jump with other tools without mention this most useful tools?

This excellent tools created by Neil Patel.
He provides his awesome tools for beginner bloggers.

If you can't afford expensive tools, you can use Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest provides many tools like the content idea, backlink checker, SEO audit, as well as competitor analyzer tools.

To use Ubersuggest, go to the Neil Patel website and enter your URL and hit enter button. After that, you will redirect to Ubersuggest dashboard. you can find topic idea from there, or you can analyze whatever you want.

Blog title ideas tools

After finding a content idea, you should write a best and SEO friendly headline for your article. Headlines are the central part of writing great content.

Your headline plays the leading role of your article, and it grabs a readers attention to your article. As well as your title will help increase click rate from search engine traffic.

If your title is attractive, then you have a chance to grab a click rate through a search engine.

Your headline must be between 150 to 160 characters, and your words must be between 7 - 10.

So here I am providing some tools that help you to write an attractive headline.

6. Headline Analyzer

Blog title ideas tools Headline Analyzer

This is the best tools for headline analyzer. If you don't know anything about title then headline analyzer will help you to write the best and attractive title.

Nothing to do for this, you need to visit headline analyzer tool site and enter your heading and hit enter button.

After that, you'll be redirected to the Analyzer too, and you can analyze how your headline is working, and you can customize your heading if not suitable.

I hope you understand. If not, you can see the photo above; It actually works like that given photo

7. TweakBiz title generator 

Blog title ideas tools Tweak Biz

This is the best title generator tool, and maximum Bloggers use this tool to create comprehensive titles.

You can also use this tool free of cost. By using these tools, you can create the best title for your article.

Go to the Tweak Biz site and place your keyword and select the title case and click on the Submit button.

After that, you can see 100+ title with your targeted keyword. Choose one best title and start writing with that title.

8. Potent Content idea generator 

This is also one of the tools to create a title, and it also gives you a content idea for your article. This tool work with both side one is title generator and one with content ideas.

9. SEO Pressor

This tool is one of the best SEO plugin tools for WordPress users. If you are a word press user, then install this plugin in your word press. but if you are a Blogspot user then also you can use these tool for a title generator.

10. Link Bait Title Generator

This is one of the best free SEO tools for creating a headline. I am not going to describe these tools because its process is similar to the given above tools.

Content Writing Tools

Are you a blogger? Or maybe you're planning to start a blog. Are you a blogger? Or perhaps you are planning to start a blog. Do you know? There are millions of blog posts uploaded in every minute. In 2019 Bogging is not an easy task.

To be a successful blogger, you must write user-friendly and unique articles.

If you start a blog, but you try to copy other bloggers articles, then you are not a blogger, you are a cheater. And everyone hates cheater, so google also follows the same rule.

in the final answer, Google doesn't allow the copied blogs to be ranked.

If you have exceptional skills and experience in writing content, then, of course, you can write excellent and unique articles.

But even if you don't have that kind of talent, then also you can write unique pieces of content by using these tools.

The mother tongue of many bloggers is not English. So, they also face many problems when writing articles.

even I also use these tools for writing a blog post.

How to write a SEO friendly articles?

11. Grammarly

Content Writing Tools grammarly

How to find out if your articles are free from grammatical error or not? Here grammarly for you to help check every grammatical errors.

Grammarly will help you to write a blog post. This is the Saviour for a non-native English speaker like me. 

You can use Grammarly for free, but you have to pay for advanced.

If you need a premium version for free, then subscribe to this site and contact us. We will provide a premium version for free to you.

12. Google Translate

This is also one of the best tools for me to write a blog post. 

Everyone knows about these tools, so I don't need to explain it.

But in case if you don't know how to use the translator in blogging then comment below definitely I will help you.

Social Media Sharing Tools

To be popular on social media, you must use the tools provided. You should publish your post time to time on social media. These tools help you distribute your articles on social media in your saved time.

If you have a lot of social media accounts and you want to manage them all account from one account, then you must use these tools.

If you share an article on this given tools, then it will automatically share to all your social media.

I know everyone shares their articles on social media, but also their social media traffic not increases. Because of one reason, it was they never use this given tools for sharing contents. To know How to increase Blog traffic for free click here

So first, try these tools, and you will thank me later.

13. Buffer

Buffer is a great social media management tool. You can manage a maximum number of social media accounts from this one tool. You can manage up to three social media accounts for free.

But if you want to manage all accounts, then you have to pay some money.

Buffer offers a mobile application, which you can easily manage from a mobile phone.

14. ClickToTweet

This tool helps you to create a single tweetable link. By using these tools, you can increase the number of your tweets.

Free Images for Blogging

If you have photography skills, you don't need these tools, but if not, you can use these tools to find the best images for your articles.

You need to put the right images in the right article to attract the audience.

So here I am providing some free stock images website with you.

15. Pexels

Free stock Images pexels

Pexels provides a free stock image for everyone. You can use pexels images to attract visitors to your blog post.

You need to go to the Pexels site, and you can search for any images that you want and press the Enter button.

After that, you can see many photos, choose any one photo and upload it on your blog post.

17. Pixabay

I'm not going to explain it because pixabay process is same as pexels

18. Google Images Search

You can download free stock photos from google. But how? let me tell you

Search an image on Google and click on the Images option  > Setting > Advanced Search
Free google search stock Images

and go to the footer there you can see usage rights, if you see usage rights, then you have to change "usage rights."

Free google search stock Images

After changing, click on advanced search and enjoy.

Keywords Research Tools

19. Keyword Planner

Keywords planner is one of the best tool for a bloggers to find out best and low competition keywords. Try this free tool for a better result in blogging.

Before upload your article you need to find one best keywords and use that keywords in title tag, description, permalink and article.

You can research your best keyword by using google keywords planner.

To know more about keywords click here

20. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is the best option for me to research keywords. Ubersuggest provides many tools like the content idea, backlink checker, SEO audit, as well as competitor analyzer tools.

Free SEO Audit Tools for Bloggers

SEO audit tools help you find out what's wrong with your site and why you don't rank. Want to analyze your site for free? Then use this tool for free. Read my  advanced SEO tips for blog

21. Mobile-Friendly Tester

Every blogger should know that if your blog is not mobile-friendly, you will never rank on top of Google. By using this tool, you can analyze whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

22. Google Analytics

Use this tools first and you will thank me later.

Google analytics help you to find out how visitors find and interact with your site.

23. Detailed.com

Detailed will help you find a list of the most popular sites related to your niche.
And pick up any three sites and analyze them, how they're doing and copy them.

24. UberSuggest

Haha, I know you are getting bored because I've been showing these tools so many times.

But trust me, this is one of the best tools to do everything. Go to the Ubersuggest and put your website URL there and hit enter.

After that, you'll be redirected to Ubersuggest, and now you can analyze what you want.

25. Bing webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is the same as Google Webmaster Tools. To rank on bing and yahoo search engine, you have to submit your site on Bing webmaster tools .

26. Search Concole

Search Console helps you find your blog search engine traffic and performance.
If you have an article indexing problem, then you can again request for an index from the Search Console.

27. Yoast WordPress Plugin

If you are a WordPress user, then install this plugin. It helps you to optimize great on-page SEO for your blog.

Bonus Tools

28. HelloBar

HelloBar is one of the best tools for email marketing. Hello bar allows you to

  1. Collect email address from your visitors
  2. Allow visitors to call you in a single click.
  3. Increase more engagement in your Social Media profile.
  4. Display special offers to your blog.

29. Varvy.com

Varvy.com SEO audit tools

This is the best SEO audit tools ever. From this tool, you can check your site speed and many more. First, try this tool, and you will thank me later.

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Did I miss any tools?

Did you find some great tools for your blog?
which one is favourite tools?
Are there any of your favourite tools that I missed to mention?

Let us know in the comments.

Also, check out our Blogging for Beginners Series for more blog tips and  Top 5 Blog Niches  for a comprehensive guide to improving your blog and deriving an income from it.


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