5 Blog Niches That Make Money | Blog Niche Ideas

Here I'm going to provide  5 blog niches that drive traffic and earn extra money for you. 

Everyone searching for niche blog, so here we provide top blog niches that get good traffic for your upcoming blog.

Everyone want to be a blogger and earn extra money. If you also want to be a blogger then you have to choose blog niche for start blogging.

Find a niche that you truly love and you’ll find yourself in a great position.

To be a successful blogger, always follow your passion.

I always advise you to find a niche that you are passionate about.

10 Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Earn Extra Money

Many new Blogger chooses tech blog niche or other niches that they have 0% knowledge about that niche.

in blogging, The most profitable niche is insurance. Because of this niche a lot of people starting out in this niche and the reason that they do this is because they know "if I start blogging about insurance then I can earn a ton of money" and they see other blogger making a ton of money in this niche.

So, they think that they can follow them and they'll also make a lot of money.

Due to this, their get 0% result so they quit blogging.

It doesn't really work like that if you don't enjoy the writing and don't enjoy what you're doing then you can't achieve your goal.

So, you need to pick a niche you're passionate about and enjoy your blogging.
Before start blog you must know about How to write a blog post

What is a Niche Blog?

Niche blogging is a blog task of making a blog with an intention of using a market in a niche market.

A niche is a special part of a wide subject or broad topic.

For example -
"Blogging" is your broad topic while "SEO" and "WordPress" are your blog niches with that broad topic.

in simple meaning, "Technology" is a broad topic. technology also divided into many subcategories.

For example, I will choose a "mobile" subcategory of "technology" broad topic. Subcategory also divided into many mini categorize like android apps, android games, mobile software and then finally I found my niche and I would like to start out with android games. So my niche is android games.

I hope you understand about niche.

At the last, what is a blog niche?
Blog niche is a chat topic that focuses on your blogging.

It's is an umbrella category each blog post you publish can fall under.

Here my last word is not to do for a broad audiences, do blogging for a niche audiences.

5 Blog Niche list that drive traffic

Here I'm providing you 5 blog niches that drive traffic and earn extra money for yourself but if you do hard work in this given niches then you can earn a ton of money.

Go for it and start blogging, start blogging with your passion. One day your passion will be monetized.

Many other bloggers like you are doing blogging with their particular niche and with their passion and they earn a ton of money.

Keep it in mind These are broad niches. There are many sub-niches inside each one, but they all fall inside the bigger niche.

This given niche ideas all are best and profitable niches not one is better than another.

You can start blogging with any niche in brand new website or blog.

Here I'm going to tell you about niche ideas.

1 to number 5 blog niches are given below-

Lets start-

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1. Technology / Tech

Tech is one of the best profitable niche and high competition niche, its competition level is a big like sea.

If you want to start a blog that review gadgets then you can start blogging with a tech niche.

In gadgets review, you should share different features, prices and you could create a really profitable affiliate program with a tech niche to earn extra money.

In tech niche, you can also share your knowledge about drones.

There are a lot of laws and regulation coming out about drones but I don't think that drones are going away anytime soon.

So for drones review, you could create a blog or site talking about different drone, what they can do with a drone or you could write more specifically about specific uses for drones.

You can review any product related to tech.
You can review upcoming mobile phones, laptop, computer any many more.

There are various types of viewers in technology including tech experts, gadget vendors, gamers and more.

If you are a gamer, then you can review new games, best games, how to play ..... game and many more.

Blog Niche Ideas for Technology / Tech

There are many sub-niches of tech so you can choose any sub-niches that you're knowledgeable about and start blogging.

If you start any of these given niche ideas then you can earn extra money for yourself.

Niche ideas are given below-

  • Gadgets Reviewu
  • Games Review
  •  Apps Review
  • PC repairs and builds
  • Video game tutorials

How to Earn Money with a technology / Tech blog

* Affiliate marketing

Write an article about new gadgets and earn money through affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money from blog and website.

You can review new Iphone, drone and any other tech related gadgets.

Top 10 affiliate marketing programs

5 Best way to promote CPA offers

* Sponsor

If you become a popular then many companies offer you to promote their tech gadgets.

so sponsor is also one of the best source of money for blogger.

* Adsense

Adsense is for every blogger and website developer.

2. Health And Fitness

Health and fitness is also one of the best niches for a blogger to start blogging.

If you do hard work in this niche then absolutely you can get a goal.

You can get a ton of traffic from this niche because health and fitness audience always searching for a solution to a problem.

For health and fitness blog, you can write about dieting, hair growth and many more.

Maybe hair growth micro niche can be profitable for you because many peoples around the world are suffering from hair loss, so they seek to prevent hair loss.

You can write awesome health and fitness content by sharing tips like how to lose weight, how to get rid of sensitive teeth naturally, and nutritious daily diets.

Blog Niche Ideas for Health and Fitness

Here are many topics to start blog with health and fitness.

Niche ideas are given below -

  • Weight Lifting
  • Yoga
  • Dental Health Tips
  • Weight Loss
  • Hearth Health Tips
  • Running
  • Daily Diets
  • Healthy Recipes

How to Earn Money with a Health and Fitness blog

* Affiliate Marketing 

write an article about yoga pants vest and earn money from affiliate links.

You can also share hair growth medicine and earn from affiliate marketing.

You can earn a lot of money through amazon affiliate program. 

Review any product related to health and fitness and earn through the affiliate, you can review about gym product, medicine and many more.

- You can sell eBooks and earn money 

3. Fashion

Fashion is one of the biggest blog niche for blogger. Fashion niche is the best niche to earn money online.

You can earn a ton of money from fashion blog with affiliate marketing.

In a fashion blog, you need to write an article about new summer clothes, winter clothes, and other branded fashion clothes and shoes.

If you have an interest in fashion then it would be much easier for you to write an article about fashion.

in a fashion blog, you have to write an article about new trendy clothes, new shoe design, what to wear in event program and many more.

Blog Niche Ideas for Fashion

Here are the some blog niche ideas for fashion blog.

  • Personal fashion blog
  • Makeup tutorial blog
  • Womens shoes
  • Jewellery review blog
  • Mens fashion blog

How to Earn Money with a fashion blog

* Affiliate Marketing 

You can earn a ton of money from fashion blog with affiliate marketing. 

Your one customer may buy their clothing at least two times a year for winter and summer season. Peoples tend to buy clothes multiple times a year.

If new brand clothes coming out then everyone wants to buy those clothes, so they will buy multiple times a year.

The main profitable thing of a fashion blog is that one follower will spend money many times a year to buy new clothes.

4. Blogging and SEO

Blogging and SEO is also one the best niche for bloggers.

Many people want to be Blogger, so they always looking for blogs and SEO related tips, like how to do SEO, how to become a successful blogger and much more.

If you're new in a blog then how you write an article about blogging and SEO?

So, if you don't know about blogging then this niche is not profitable for you.

Blog Niche Ideas for Blogging

  • Title Writing Techniques
  • Content Writing Tips
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Placement
  • Internal Link Building
  • Backlink
  • Image Optimization Techniques
  • Mistakes in Blogging and their solution

5. Travel

People like to visit various countries and places. People want to know more detail about that place like hotels in that area, tourist attractions, the environment of that place, culture and tradition of that tourism places.

If you do travel a lot then travel niche may profitable for you.

So, find all the travel details what people search on the Internet. You can guide the traveler by providing all the details.

Blog Niche Ideas for travel

  • Places to Eat
  • Tourist Attraction Places
  • Culture & Tradition of that place
  • Accommodations


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