find lost phone or delete data from your stolen device

How to find lost phone or delete data from your lost or stolen device

Find lost phone or delete data from your stolen device

Have you ever lost your mobile phone? If so, you know how feel it after loses the phone.

If not, then you should be careful about your phone and also you should know what to do after you lose your phone.

If you have a lot of personal stuff, then there is a possibility of mobile loss. Many people lose their phone due to many personal stuff.

If you lose your phone, then the one that who found your mobile he will use all of your data, contacts, applications, so keep your phone securely.

We all are human, we don't have time to secure our mobile and mistakenly we have lost our phones.

If you lost your phone then don't worry, we have the solution to delete your data from mobile and we will also help you to find your mobile phone.

You're sure that you take all of these steps, 

When you are missing your phone, you can get the peace of mind with it.

You can find your phone or delete data with via Find My Device

Or you can also use Find My Device app on another
Android device, or via the website here.

How to find lost phone with via Find My Device

Once you've logged in, find my device tries to find out your missing device.

If your lost phone is on then you can get the signal and you'll see the location on the map.

But If the device isn't  on then the signal can't be received then you can't get a location of your mobile.

In the searching process, You'll see three options in there:

1. ring it
2. lock it 
3. remotely wipe it

If the device isn't  on or the signal can't be received, Find My Device will report its location when it switches on and connects to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Your lost phone after connected on internet you can delete all the data from your phone.

But before doing something, make sure that it is lost or not, you can use find my device to make a phone ring loudly for five minutes.

It enables you to locate your phone if lost at home

you can also use another option if your mobile is really lost. The second option available to you is: Changing a lock screen so that if the phone is switching another time, your message is displayed on phone.

If all else fails, then erase your all data from mobile

Find My Device

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