Why WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook

Why WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook

In the social media, the most popular word of this day is "Delete Facebook". And many companies delete Facebook due to this rumour.

Today, I will tell you about the main reason for this issue and what we can learn from this issue. And why did this become a viral on social media?

Hello guys, Welcome to Neptechh. Now let's talk about this issue. We all know that if you visit any website, they know your email ID, your name, your image and more.

Facebook also has kept all the information about you. And the Facebook's main responsibility is to keep your data safe and secret from anyone.

Brian Action wrote, with the hashtag #deletefacebook.

"It is time," Brian Action wrote, with the hashtag #deletefacebook.
Brian Action wrote, with the hashtag deletefacebook

Facebook really is something we should be careful about?
WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton urged consumers to delete social media platforms, He said that Facebook as a refers to the users' data reserve for political purposes.

"It's time. #deletefacebook," Brian Acton tweeted on his twitter account.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

Facebook is facing a major backlash after report has shown that the political data analytics firm, Cambridge analyst, reached its data of 50 million users without their permission.

The company received the user data from a Facebook app years ago that purported to be a psychological research tool, however, the firm was not authorised to have that information.

That's why Whatsapp Messaging Service co-founder has urged users to delete "Facebook".

User information about 50 million people among a huge data harvesting scandal was allegedly leaked to the US presidential election.

Brain Action co-founded WhatsApp with jan koum, which was acquired by Facebook in february 2014 in US $19 billion.

In the US, the Federal Trade Commission investigated that why the social networking site violated the 2011 agreement with the agency about data privacy, The report later found out that the firm called Global Science Research received information with 50 million Facebook profiles and provided data to Cambridge Analyst.

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